Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
Mirage Residences has years of experience on the field and handles with professionalism each matter that comes to its hands. That is the reason we believe that handling your personal data is a very serious matter and we comply with every law in regard of the processing of personal data in general, that comes from Cyprus or European Union.
Mirage Residences collects personal data of the user if they choose to provide it freely. There is a different policy with the use of cookies. In case the user disagrees with this policy he/she ought to abstain from using this webpage.
Keeping and Processing data Principles
Mirage Residences is bound to make every possible effort to protect your personal data. We cannot transfer them to any third party (individual or corporation) for any reason unless we are obligated by law and if so, we will only provide the authorities with those sensitive data.
Minors can have access to our services if they their parents or guardians’ consent.
Each visitor or user can come in contact with the managers of this site at , if he/she wishes to know if there is a file with any of their data so he can process or even delete them from the lists anytime.
Mirage Residences saves files with personal data only for financial reasons and ease of contact of course. There is a chance that our company, for improving our services, will process under of strict terms anonymity and confidentiality, part or all the information that you provide us with for statistics or financial reasons and always in correlation with the law.
Kinds of personal data we collect or process
If you choose to register on our mailing list for our newsletter you are obliged to provide us only with your email, name and surname. We, Mirage Residences, have the right to keep a file with the emails for sending informational or commercial matters other than the newsletter unless the receiver states that he does not wish that. At any point you can unsubscribe from our newsletter or our mailing list.
With the help of different links all over the website we provide you with the possibility of accessing third party websites with sole purpose to ease the browsing experience of the user. There is no connection or acceptance of the content that the third-party sites provide the user with. Each link leads to a different website that has their own terms and conditions for browsing. Their Mirage Residences cannot be held accountable for the content or the privacy policy of the linked website. The use of these hyperlinks is with the responsibility of the user.